why is the usa giving any money to africa,does anybody talk about the fact that the population has tripled in the last 20 years,has anybody talked about the fact that the more that is given the more they demand,and its not just the usa,recently nigeria demanded great britain build and maintain a satelite for them,while we in the usa are told we are not giving enough,our government,their government,all aid agencys are insisting that we triple aid to a area that has no ability or desire to take care of themselves..if they want aid they can have mandatory birth control,when their populations get down to numbers they can feed,cloth, and house i’m sure the rest of the world would glady resume giving aid,not to mention then they will most likely refuse it because they will no longer need it..

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the poor special blackman[or black greed]

from the racist pieces that cnn puts out every time obama gets into trouble,to the knockout game,black racism is rampent in this country,from oprah trying to steal pocketbooks,to a maimi dolphins player using race to cop out of football.from blacks using more then 50% of welfare,to commiting more then 50% of violent crimes.from jessie jackson crying everytime he doesn’t get his way[or crying when he does get his way]to that marxist looking statue of mlk.jr. on the national racism is rampent in this country,watched a whole day of college football and didn’t see one white face in a helmet all day.i’ll watch pro football tommorrow and will see much of the same..whenever i go to a govt. office theres 70% american negro.whenever i watch tv the adds are 70% american this like the 5 year old running the house,has america become so afraid of not being pc enough,that they will allow this strange apartied in america.i thought it was strange when put a all white team together to send to the olympics,but now the usa has a all black nba,and they’re heading towards a whole black white guilt really this idiotic,isn’t part of being non-racist, equality,taking responsibilty for yourself.i see no equality in this, i see spoiling a 5 year old that holds its breath till it gets what it wants.this needs to end before a whole sub-group in this country see’s themselves in the way they’re being told they are,and become things instead of people!!!!!!!

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Hello world!

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